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Your Metro Detroit Area property manager.

Love where you live.

About Us

With a portfolio of investment properties, the Moses family could not find a property management company that focused on both owner and tenant satisfaction. With that in mind, AG Management was born. More than ten years later, solid tenant vetting processes, prompt and affordable maintenance, in-house collections and best-in-class owner communication and profitability, AG Management has become a shining star in Metro Detroit’s property management marketplace.

What sets us apart is our commitment to hiring talented and dedicated staff and providing an excellent customer experience to tenants and owners alike.

Meet the Team

David Moses

David Z. Moses » Owner

Founded AG Management Co. in 2003 which is the cornerstone of what is now known as Avenue Group Real Estate. David has over 20 years in the real estate business, including taking jobs in commercial real estate, residential development and construction during the Great Recession, while keeping the company open. He began investing in buy-and-hold single and small multifamily residential dwellings in 2010. As an investor, David holds over 200 units through various holding companies. David was instrumental in building AG Management Co to approximately 550 units and has been named a top management company in metro Detroit by In 2019, he added KC Property Services, LLC to the family of companies which already included modular construction (Victor Moses Homes, LLC), maintenance and renovation (Hashtag Maintenance, LLC) and residential brokerage (M1 Brokerage, LLC). With KC brought a team of experts and nearly 3,000 doors of condo, HOA, and co-operative units under management. Today, Avenue Group Real Estate employs over 40 team members and calls downtown Berkley home. As his real estate adventure continues, David is executing on his vision to grow hard-money lending (Moneyboots Capital, LLC) and direct-to-seller acquisitions (QEstate, Inc) platforms in order to provide a fully vertically integrated residential real estate investment firm.

Heather Poyhonen

Heather Poyhonen » Integrator

Heather Poyhonen originally joined the Avenue Group Real Estate organization in 2015 as the Director of Operations for the property management division. Today she oversees the brokerage arm, has responsibility over all internal and external acquisitions and oversight of all of the holding companies and their assets and liabilities. In addition, Heather acts as the Integrator under the business management system used by AGRE called Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS). Essentially the Integrator takes the ideas of our leader David Moses, the Visionary, and transforms those ideas into something that is actionable and achievable by the team at large. Perhaps her most useful role in the AGRE organization is her ability to recall random details from past transactions and challenges and her uncanny knack for never forgetting an address.

Prior to her adventures in the real estate world Heather worked for nine years for a national distributor of maintenance and metalworking consumables as a Project Manager and Sales Associate. She also has experience in the hospitality and retail spaces which she draws on to build relationships and attempt to fulfill her goal of approaching every situation through a lens of empathy and compassion.

Heather is a proud graduate of Michigan State University (GO GREEN!) and has been a licensed realtor since 2016. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her husband Erik and two teenage children Oliver and Jane. When not at the office she can likely be found on the sidelines cheering on one of the kids in a game or curled up on the coach watching whatever sport happens to be in season. She is also a huge fan of traveling across the country to National Parks and loves to entertain friends and family.

Katey Wagner

Katey Wagner » Director of Marketing, Hospitality and Special Projects

Katey is a seasoned professional with over 15 years of expertise in property management. Her extensive background encompasses a diverse range of skills, making her a valuable asset in the real estate industry. Specializing in renovating homes to prepare them for sale, as well as managing both short-term and long-term rentals, Katey brings a wealth of experience to the table.

With over 20 years in the hospitality sector, Katey has honed her skills in providing exceptional service to clients. Her proficiency in managing short-term rentals has earned her the coveted Superhost status, a testament to her commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Beyond her operational prowess, Katey is driven by a passion for marketing. She excels in creating compelling content for the company's social media pages, leveraging her creativity to showcase properties in the best light. Her marketing acumen not only enhances property visibility but also contributes to driving business growth.

Katey's unique combination of property management, hospitality, and marketing skills positions her as a well-rounded professional capable of delivering outstanding results. Whether it's transforming homes for sale, overseeing short-term rentals, or managing long-term rental properties, Katey's dedication and expertise make her a standout in the real estate and hospitality industries.

Ashley Stallsmith

Ashley Stallsmith » Director of Human Resources

With a rich background as a Director and Integrator, Ashley has consistently driven success through strategic leadership and the seamless integration of diverse functions. Ashley has navigated the complexities of organizational dynamics, honing skills in optimizing processes and fostering collaboration.

In her current role as the Director of Human Resources at Avenue Group Real Estate, Ashley brings a wealth of experience to the forefront. She spearheads HR initiatives, fosters a positive workplace culture, and ensures alignment with business objectives. With a keen understanding of both operational and people-centric aspects, Ashley is dedicated to creating an environment where talent thrives and contributes to the company's overall success.

Jay Yorke

Jay Yorke » Director of Operations - AG Management

Meet Jay, a seasoned professional in the real estate realm with over a decade of experience. Currently serving as the Director of Operations for AG Management under Avenue Group Real Estate, Jay has honed his skills in managing diverse properties and ensuring optimal tenant experiences.

Starting as a Property Manager, Jay showcased a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, significantly contributing to AG Management's and his elevation to the role of Director of Operations. In his current role, he plays a crucial part in optimizing operations for Avenue Group Real Estate. His practical approach and knack for streamlining processes have enhanced overall efficiency within the organization.

Beyond his managerial responsibilities, Jay is a thought leader in the industry. Hosting a weekly property management podcast, he shares insights and industry trends, establishing himself as a knowledgeable figure.

In summary, Jay is not just a Director of Operations; he's a seasoned professional with a practical approach to real estate management. Connect with Jay to benefit from his wealth of experience and insights at Avenue Group Real Estate.

Kimberly Mosey

Kimberly Mosey » Director of Operations - KCPS

Senior Property Manager with KCPS Kim is a distinguished professional with a Bachelor of Science degree from Eastern Michigan University and a wealth of expertise in various sectors. Holding esteemed industry designations such as CMCA, AMS, and Cooperative Specialist, she has cultivated a robust foundation in Association Management. With a background spanning residential property management, executive apartment housing, and the mortgage industry, Kimberly brings a wealth of experience to the field. Additionally, she is a licensed Real Estate Broker, demonstrating her comprehensive skill set and education essential for success in any real estate venture.

Kimberly actively participates in professional organizations, being a proud member of the North Oakland County Board of Realtors, Midwest Association, and Housing Cooperative and Community Associations Institutes. Her commitment to excellence is evident in her role at KC Property Service, where she has played a pivotal role.

As a leader, Kimberly is known for her strength and charisma, creating a vibrant and comfortable working environment at KCPS. In her free time, she cherishes moments with friends and family, hiking and being outdoors.

Bernadette Jackson

Bernadette Jackson » Lead Community Manager

Energetic and self-motivated, I am a goal-oriented Community Manager and HR professional with over 30 years of diverse experience in Management, Customer Support, and Recruiting.

Currently serving as a key player at KC Property Services, my daily mission is to respond to the needs of customers in a respectful and efficient manner, addressing each person with prompt attention.

With a wealth of experience, a self-driven attitude, and an amazing personality, I take pride in being a valuable addition to the KCPS team, contributing to our dream team. Outside the professional realm, I channel my passion for community service as an active volunteer with organizations such as Karmanos Cancer Institute, Sisters Network Inc., and the American Cancer Society during my free time.

Rachel McGovern

Rachel McGovern » Lead Property Manager

Rachel McGovern is an experienced property manager with over five years of dedicated service in the field. She has been a valuable member of the AG Management team, where she has consistently demonstrated her expertise and dedication to her work.

Rachel is known for her ability to work effectively with her colleagues at AG Management. Rachel's strong work ethic, expertise in property management, and positive attitude make her a valuable asset to AG Management and an inspiration to her peers. Her commitment to delivering exceptional service and her collaborative spirit make her a trusted and respected member of the team.

Outside of her professional life, Rachel enjoys being a good dog mom, bowling, gardening and lake activities . Her dedication to her work and her enthusiasm for life make her a well-rounded and admirable individual.